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Please Complete a Waiver

At AQUA SPLASH we take your health and safety seriously. We wish to highlight that open water swimming can be a potentially hazardous physical activity and that any swimming can lead to a risk of injury and even death.


  1. I understand and accept that in participating in water sports activities that there is an element of danger and risk of injury to others and consequently undertake to use the Club’s equipment and facilities (the “Facilities”) and to conduct myself while on the Club’s premises, in a sensible and responsible manner and in compliance with all notices, instructions and directions as published or displayed from time to time and in compliance with any instruction given to me by an authorized person in the Club’s control (an “Authorized Person”). I have read and acknowledged that conduct of the type set out in Section 3 below would amount to a breach of this paragraph.
  2. That I am in a good state of health and free from any injury, medical condition, disease or illness which may be aggravated by participating in water sports activities or which may make it unsuitable for me to take part in such activities; 
  3. That I am a competent swimmer and confident in deep open water and that can swim 25m unaided.
  4. That I will wear my buoyancy aid at all times and will not remove this at any point whilst in the water.
  5. That I will remove all Jewellery, & Watches prior to using the facilities and if I have fake nails, I will cover them up to mitigate the risk of injuring myself or other users.
  6. That I must under no circumstances swim under any of the equipment.
  7. That I will not use the Club’s facilities whilst under the influence of any drugs or alcohol
  8. That I will fully indemnify the Club’s, its agents and employees against any claim brought by a third party for loss, damage, injury or death which has been caused by any action or omission of mine or any act or omission of any child of which I am the lawful parent or guardian or any child whose supervision is wholly or partly my responsibility at the time of the relevant act or omission that would, if they had agreed to the same with full capacity to do so, amount to a breach of the Terms and Conditions or which amounts to negligence or a wilful act or omission.
  9. I confirm if it is found any intentional damage/theft to any of the equipment within the grounds, I will be liable for the rectification costs to both equipment and property.
  10. That when accompanying a child or children, I will comply and ensure that the child or children are safe and looked after. I will be present on site at all times and will not leave them unattended. 
  11. I confirm that I fully understand that no child under the age of 6 years of age and at least 1.2m in height is allowed in the water under my charge at any time.
  12. I acknowledge that nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to avoid liability, on the part of the Club’s, for personal injury or death caused by the negligence of wilful act of its authorized person or agents.
  13. I acknowledge there is a possibility of Aqua Splash taking photos for advertisement or promotional purposes. I am fully aware that I must contact a manager of Aqua Splash if I do not wish to be a part. 
  14. I confirm I am 16 years old and above signing for myself.
  15. I confirm I am 18 years plus, signing for myself or on the behalf of a minor.
  16. I confirm that I will not leave any persons under the age of 12 unattended on Aqua Splash grounds at any time.
  17. That I may be asked for proof of I.D at any age. I must be able to produce documents if necessary. Failure to do so can result in being refused to partake in activities. 
  18. I confirm that I listened to and understood the verbal and or Audio-Visual presentation induction prior to using the facilities.
  19. I confirm that I have read the above and adhere to the guidance set by the staff.
  20. I will follow the park rules at all times.
  21. It is not recommended for any users over 90kg to go on the park, I consent that I acknowledge this and am going on at my own risk.
  22. I acknowledge that this is not a risk-free activity and by using the club’s facilities knowing this, I do so at my own risk.
  23. If I breach any rule, term or decision by a member of staff, I and my party will be asked to leave without any refund or reimbursement for my losses incurred.

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